Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Savings Tip: February 8, 2010

Creative Ideas to Save on Your Wedding

Your wedding may be a year or more away but you're probably already aware that the big day can be expensive. Use the months leading up to the big day to budget and plan. Here are some tips to help ensure that money is the last thing on your mind
when you say "I do."

• Date: If you avoid planning your wedding on a Saturday, or during the months of June and August, vendors may be more accessible, and less expensive. Also keep in mind that brunch and lunch are less expensive than dinner.

• Spirits: Alcoholic beverages dramatically increase the cost of any event. One money saving idea would be to hold the wedding earlier in the day. Another option would be to only offer wine and champagne.

• Location: Consider free locations to host your wedding, such as your home, a friend's home or a park. Additionally, your church or synagogue will likely be less expensive than commercial venues. Having the freedom to choose your own caterer or bring your own beverages can also be a great cost saver.

• Decorations: When it comes to the flowers and decorations, keep it simple! Try your local farmer's market, where you can choose from a wide variety of flowers that are grown locally and in season. Also consider working with local florists' programs at technical colleges or high schools to make your wedding a final project for a student.

• Invitations: Discount warehouses or online stationery stores may be an inexpensive option, since you generally get the same quality in exchange for a smaller selection. Or try getting a simple printed card and adding your own creative details.

Remember that the wedding only marks the beginning of a partnership that extends to your finances! Read more financial tips on Couples & Marriage.

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