Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekly Savings Tip: July 28, 2009

Saving Your Social Life Without Hurting Your Savings

Saving money during the summer can be tough if you have an active social life or like to travel on the weekends. Here are some great tips for inexpensive outings to help both your social life and your budget.

• Go out on a picnic: Picnics are much less expensive than dining out and can be an all-day or afternoon activity. Invite friends to play Frisbee or touch football after you eat. If you are planning a date, make it more romantic by going somewhere with a lot of natural beauty to enjoy.

• Visit a museum or historic building: Visiting a museum or historic building isn’t just for tourists and admission prices are usually reasonable. You can also look for free, reduced price or “pay what you want” days or evenings.

• Spend the evening at your place: An underrated way to spend time is to have everyone over to your house. Ask everyone to bring ingredients for a dish to cook together and rent a movie to end the night.

• Take advantage of the summer weather: Grab a couple of friends or your significant other and head to the beach. Enjoy the entire day in the water or on the sand without spending a lot of money. When it gets dark walk into the local town for dinner or ice cream.

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