Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Pre-Baby Bucket List

It seems that since the wedding, EVERYONE has been baby-crazed. Not saying that we don't want children, but there are a few other things we would like to be able to do before our lives are turned upside down as well as preparing for any new additions. We also understand that the timing is ultimately left in God's hands, but we can do our best to be as prepared as possible.

Some things are just to secure more financial comfort...some things are just pure fun!

Without further adieu, here's our pre-baby bucket list...

Eliminate the PMI on our home (in progress)
Build the Emergency Fund (in progress)
Invest said fund (in progress)
Baby fund (in progress)
Find a church home (in progress)
Life Insurance (check!)
Have a budget (check!)
Reassess Insurance (check!)

Get involved in community/volunteer work (in progress)
Get Disability Insurance
Exercise regularly (Me)
Have a Cinco de Mayo Party
Declutter our home (in progress)
Decorate our Home (in progress)
Attend the Essence Festival in New Orleans
Attend Steve Harvey’s Hoodie Awards
Attend a live Tyler Perry/Madea play
Visit Chicago
Participate in a Christian Couples’ Book Club (in progress)
Complete our wedding shadow box
Weekly Date Nights (in progress)
Visit Disney World
Treat our Parents to a really nice vacation (or something similar)
Pay off all credit card debt (in progress)
Visit a vineyard for wine tasting
Sleep in on weekends
Take up a hobby, as a couple

For now, I'll just enjoy being a DINK ;)

Do you have any types of bucket lists?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Wedding Day: Love is in the Air... was


We decided to wear special fragrances on our special day. Thank God we did - we were able to get some alone time during the crazy week before to go out and find our signature scents. Not only that, but now we get to wear them on special occasions (or date weekly nights, in our case) to relive that day.

This was probably one of the simplest, yet best ideas that we followed through with!

What's your signature scent?