Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Wedding: The BEST Best Man EVER!

Hello Everyone! Please forgive my absence, but life has been hectic! Anywho, we're having work done in our home today, so it's a good opportunity to get a post in.

We had at our wedding. (Notice the use of "we". Yes, I know that he was supposed to be Mr. CB's best man, but he literally took care of me, too.)

He ran around the night before in an unfamiliar city to get my last-minutes needs. He made sure I ate before the wedding. He made sure Mr. CB was on time. This was HUGE. I don't think I've ever eluded to this, but my hubby (bless his heart) will be late to the birthing of our first child. I've already accepted and come to grips with it...

I digress...our BM ended up running our reception program, giving the most heartfelt toast, washing dishes (I'm STILL trying to figure this one out...), and keeping the dance floor bumpin!

Enjoy the pics!

I know this is a photo of us, but if you focus over Mr. CB's left shoulder - it takes a real friend to be THAT happy for you :)
And here he is holding me up...4" heels + grass = wobbly bride

Master of Ceremonies
Here, here!
These two have been friends for EONS!

Party over here...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekly Savings Tip: March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, an annual celebration that highlights economic, political and social achievements of women. 2009 marked the first year that half of all the U.S. workers are women. Nearly four in ten mothers are primary breadwinners and bring home a majority of the family's income. Additionally, women are more likely than men to graduate from college, although they still typically earn less than men.

Women are also more likely than men to care for children or elderly or disabled family members. These periods of caretaking can provide gaps in a woman's career which can have a huge impact on the amount of retirement funds collected over time. A 2008 report showed that elderly women over 75 are far more likely to be poor than elderly men.

It's important for all women to think about their future and retirement. There are ways to begin now, such as investing in a tax-deferred retirement savings plan at work. These plans can help accumulate funds over time. Other options may include a IRA, such as a Roth IRA which is funded by after-tax contributions. If invested early enough, these accounts can continue to accumulate interest during a gap in a woman's career, whether for caretaking purposes or any other reason.

For more information for women, check out our Section for Women that features articles, calculators, and frequently asked questions. Visit for more money-saving tips.

I Won! I Won!!!

Remember the giveaway I shared with you? Well...guess who won?!?!?!?!?!? (I guess the title kinda gives it away...)

Yep. Me! I am sooooooooooo excited! I never win anything and I won this gorgeous necklace! And just as I was trying to up my game in the jewelry department.