Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap: What Did YOU Do?

So, today is Mr. CB's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! To celebrate, I whisked him off for a weekend of his favorite things in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Namely me and me...what were you expecting? :)

Prior to our departure, he had no idea what I had planned for him. I had left clues, but he hadn't pin pointed one particular destination.

We arrived at the Courtyard by Marriot in Norfolk late on Friday night. I had planned for a visit to a lounge for drinks. Once we checked in, we both had SLEEP on the brain.

We awoke refreshed on Saturday morning and got dressed for breakfast. After we finished, around 10:30 AM, guess what we did? ANOTHER nap! Yep. Not ashamed at all. About an hour and a half later, we took a ride out to the ocean front and just strolled up the beach. After soon growing tired of that, we took a trip to Lynnhaven Mall. Here I found the cutest bracelet for our big day, and that was the ONLY purchase either of us made. Then it was time for what you ask?? Another nap.

We headed back to our hotel and took an afternoon siesta. This must have been a much-needed weekend getaway so much so that we slept through the alarm.

Mr. CB is quite the entertainment, music and comedy buff. I often joke that he is an encyclopedia of totally random knowledge. Did anyone know that Michael Jackson is of the Jehovah's Witness religious persuasion? I digress...

Mr. CB had never been to a live comedy show, but he had always taped the Def Comedy Jams, Showtime at the Apollos, etc. to be able to watch and watch again. I decided, what better than a relaxing weekend of no computers, no wedding planning, no deadlines AND his first visit to a comedy show? It just so happened to work out that we were able to see a somewhat major comedian...Eddie Griffin.
And guess what?!?!?!? We arrived at the comedy club just early enough to get the last two seats that were front row center!!!! Wasn't sure if this was a blessing or a curse since Eddie is known to base his act on the audience. Luckily, there was a much more "interesting" gentleman sitting directly behind us - or maybe he could see the fear in my eyes? He poked fun at EVERYONE on the front row - except Mr CB and me!!! YAY!!!!

After the show, we headed back out to the ocean to walk along it and enjoy the sounds of the waves...and headed back to our room for you guessed it - sleep...

Pretty please don't forget to leave a comment and share what you did with your weekend!


  1. Awww! Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Especially the SLEEPING PART! Well as you read in my blog, I went to the hair salon (also the nail salon) on Saturday and finished up some shopping for the big cruise! DH gave me his debit card so you know it was a BLAST! Sunday, was my usual day of rest.

    Next Monday is DH's birthday and I have planned a surprise trip to the spa! We will see how that turns out! LOL!

  2. Please make sure you share how that spa trip turns out! That's definitely an idea for the next celebratory holiday ;)

  3. Ain’t nothing like a good ole’ weekend of sleep. LOL!! Sounds like you two had a great time sleeping and relaxing. Oh yeah, and you were able to add in some comedy too. (smile). I love pictures of beaches and I wish you guys took one while enjoying that romantic walk.

    I had a great weekend to (w/o much sleep) Saturday I hosted my 1st Annual Nieces & Nephews Day. Be sure to check out the run down on my blog this week. All I can say is I have a lot of N&N and we all had a great time. Sunday I decided to buy and steam a bushel of MD blue crabs for the family. Mmmm good!!!