Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Wedding Day: Love is in the Air... was


We decided to wear special fragrances on our special day. Thank God we did - we were able to get some alone time during the crazy week before to go out and find our signature scents. Not only that, but now we get to wear them on special occasions (or date weekly nights, in our case) to relive that day.

This was probably one of the simplest, yet best ideas that we followed through with!

What's your signature scent?


  1. One of my sorority sister purchased me some Bond no 9 for me to wear for my wedding day. I instantly fell in love with it. I purchased Mr. J some Perry Ellis, which I think smells great on him to wear for the wedding. He noticed my perfume and said how much he loved the smell. I did not get a big bottle of it so I am hoping to get some for either for Valentine's Day or for my birthday.

  2. That would be a very cool gift idea!!!! I hope you get it ;)