Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Mobile Banking—Is it for You?

Mobile banking on your cell phone or other mobile device can help you manage your finances by providing easy access anywhere for you to monitor your checking and savings accounts and credit card activity; check bill or loan due dates; pay one-time or recurring bills and receive low balance or transaction alerts via text messaging.

If you have considered mobile banking you have probably wondered if it's safe. In general, mobile banking offers at least the same level of security and encryption as online banking. Account data is typically not stored on your mobile device. To safeguard your personal and account information be sure to do the following:

Download mobile applications from reputable sources only.

Use strong passwords.

Read your financial institution's mobile banking agreement and disclosures.

Avoid using free wireless service available at public locations when conducting financial transactions.

Finally, be sure you are aware of costs.

While most financial institutions offer free mobile banking services, normal transaction fees will apply. Your wireless service provider may also charge you for text messages or downloads, so know the terms of your data plan agreement.

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