Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Wedding: The Bridal Party Processional

And here they are...

My dear friend and sorority sister that also happens to be a coworker...

Our Godson's father and dear friend...

My legal guru, friend, and sorority sister...she happened to be present the day that Mr. CB and I reconnected...

Mr. CB's younger brother (definitely can't call him the "little" brother)

My sorority sister/ex-roommate/friend/partner in crime/the list goes on and on and on...

Mr. CB's cousin and fraternity brother

Mr. CB's cousin and friend that I have grown to love dearly...

Mr. CB's friend and college homie

My cousin

My BFF (before Mr. CB, of course) and former classmate. He was present when Mr. CB and I met for the first time and they have grown to be great friends, too.

My Matron of Honor and dear friend - mother of our Godson, sorority sister/former classmate/shopping buddy/ of my dearest friends on Earth...

Our (my) beautiful niece - I hope her Daddy is getting his target practice in!

Our (my) handsome nephew...Here Comes the Bride!

And our (my) other handsome nephew...LAST CHANCE! Sidenote, these banners were definitely a labor of love. Add the amount of time and effort that it took plus hiding them from Mr. CB and it equals a PITA! I wouldn't have traded it for anything, LOL!

For some reason, I lurve this shot!

Can you guess who he's waiting for? ;)

Ciao Bella,


  1. I love how each lady had a dress that suited them. By the way..tag your it. Please check out my blog tomorrow @ 8:00 am to see the rules. Good luck and have fun.

  2. How beautiful <3 I loved the dresses, they are classy, chic, and timeless. You seem to be surrounded by so much love, friends, & family. And the signs, last chance.., how cute! I wish I would've had a wedding. If I ever do I'm def. doing those signs! The pictures are beautiful.