Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pre-Marital Counseling - Are You Game?

Disclaimer: The picture is not indicative of our experience.

We began our counseling this past weekend. We are a part of a group session with approximately 10 or 11 couples. It lasted for 2.5 hours, and is scheduled for 12 weeks.

Can I just say that we couldn't be more excited?!!?! Like all other normal couples, we have our disagreements. Nothing major, though. This church-based counseling is seeming to be the BOMB.com. We both really felt like we had confirmation of our relationship just in the answers to the questions that we were asked. We think very much alike, and share the same values.

I guess, what I wanted to say, if given the opportunity - I HIGHLY recommend it!

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  1. Although my husband and I didn't do marriage counseling, we attended a pre-marriage class at a local church and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The class brought out a few things that we had not discussed before and it helped us to look at other things differently.