Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, for the first time... this planning process - I feel like a bride-to-be. Before now, I guess I was just kinda going through the motions. So many things had overwhelmed me that I wasn't even enjoying the planning process. Thanks to the encouragement of many BABs (Brown and Bridal), I have really embraced the philosophy of K.I.M. Keep. It. Moving.

Most recently, we went to Macon, Georgia to tie some loose ends for the wedding, take e-pics and Trash the Dress pics. We were able to settle on our baker, coordinator, set-up of the reception hall, decor for the church, linen rental, make-up trials (I know I have alot of pics to share), transportation, and two photo shoots - all in 4 days.I'm so happy that everything is coming together, and I'm learning not to let little things worry me.

It appears as if we will have several phantom guests - people that we aren't inviting, but plan to come anyway. I've decided that if they show, they show. The coordinator and ushers will have a list at the door of RSVP'ed guests. Those that are not on the list will not be seated or served until we have accomodated those that are.

We were also able to sit down with our officiant this time. Turns out he thought he had communicated that he wouldn't be officially licensed by our date. We were able to talk with an Uncle (licensed officiant) and he has agreed that he will assist with the ceremony and sign the marriage license to ensure that all is legal.We were able to fulfill the marriage license requirements while we were there, and the clerk was willing to allow us to apply early. I thought that was peachy!

We also paid a visit to the Visitor's Center to pick up brochures for our OOT bags. Speaking of OOT, we visited and decided on the hotel where we would block off rooms for our guests. We opted for nice accomodations - without the high end price tag.

Because we were trying to keep all events near the hotel and church, we also visited a new brunch spot in the vicinity. We plan to invite our guests to join us for a dutch treat meal of our first breakfast as husband and wife.

The pics. We took our e-pics (which our photographer has not cared to upload yet - he's all about TTD) Sunday morning around historical downtown Macon. We shot from approximately 8:30 AM to about noon. We broke to grab a quick bite, taste cakes, and outline the ceremony. At 3 PM, we reconvened for the TTD session. This lasted until around 8 PM. I know that it's extremely unconventional to take the pictures before the wedding. We were, however, presented with an offer that (we thought) we couldn't refuse. Our photographer and DJ work together. The e-pics were included because we also booked DJ services. The TTD was included because he wanted to expand his portfolio. We also have our photographer ( and assistant) from getting dressed until the party is over.

Now, I didn't use my wedding dress (or any facsimile of it) for the pics. The dress you see pictured is actually a prom dress from Ebay (eBay Store - jh-promdress:) for approximately $30. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the garment. Because the seller made a small booboo, they upgraded my shipping to UPS to ensure that I would have it in time. The veil used was actually a free gift for another purchase that I made, so I had no issues with using that. I'm planning to wear a birdcage with a fabulous fascinator on our big day. My shoes were a Wal-Mart special - water shoes. You didn't think I would actually walk barefoot in a creek, did you?

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's a teaser...


  1. LOVES IT!

    Can’t wait for my invitation!

  2. Hey Beauty Queen! I love your ttd photos!!! I saw them on B&B. You & your FH are the bizness!