Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh How I LOVE Him...

I hope everyone here in cyber land had an awesome Valentine's Day! I couldn't have asked for more. Mr. Conscious started the weekend with some deelish chocolate covered strawberries (I heart Edible Arrangements). I promise you that I think they put something a little special in that chocolate - it ALWAYS knocks me out for the count.

I woke up refreshed on Saturday morning and went downstairs to cook the Mr. his favorite breakfast. No sooner than I turn from the stairwell that I notice balloons and a bouquet of my favorite flowers: TULIPS! How did he pull that off?

After breakfast, we went to enjoy manicures together. I had originally scheduled an in-home couples massage, but the masseuse cancelled at the last minute. Phooey on him! I was completely bummed because I really wanted to do something special for Mr. C, but he was happy nonetheless.

Following the manicures, we were on to my next surprise. My only instructions were to, "Dress warmly." After arriving in the city, him trying to find our destination, and tons and tons of walking (in heels), he finally makes a phone call to get the exact address of someone's "services." In my head, I'm like, ummmm, whats really going on...but I go along with it. We arrive at the Hyatt...you know...that one that we passed about two blocks ago :) I see a sign that says "Trolley Stop" as we approach and again I'm wondering....what's going on. He goes inside to speak with the Concierge and I'm left sitting in the lobby to wonder.

Just then, the most gorgeous horse and carriage pulls up outside and my face LIGHTS UP! I have always wanted to do this, and had NO IDEA that he had arranged it! He can tell from the look on my face what has happened, and he walks away from the Concierge. We journey outside and he helps me into the carriage. As we're sitting there (me proclaiming how excited I am), the driver brings me a rose and a gift bag. I look inside, and there's a bottle of champagne and two glasses. We take our ride around the city and indulge in the libations. It was THE best experience for me.

Following our carriage ride, he took me to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant - and we called it a night...


  1. Really romantic I can imagine...mine was really quiet since my baby was in Pharm school. He sent me some fun stuff but missed his presence so badly. I am happy you are happy in love...love is truly a beautiful experience.

  2. Hi friend! It's so nice to see you here. I hope all is well, & I'm lovin' the Blog! Keep up the goog work, & I'll be visiting you often :)


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog--Sounds like your weekend was fabulous!
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